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During his time in Toronto, Roy and Brandy helped to remodel his personal suite into “Doc’s Box”. The Rogers Centre suite was redesigned to be more child friendly for hosting families from a local children’s hospital.

The family continued their local support beyond Toronto as his playing career progressed. The Halladay’s spent time working with local food bank in Tampa Bay. But he certainly made his impact felt across that community. We are updating today with news that a jet owned by Roy has crashed off the gulf coast. But, we will continue to update with more information as we see it.

A good place to sample authentic Hungarian pálinka is Rézangyal Bistro.

Rézangyal offers a selection of over 100 authentic pálinkas in their own unique glasses accompanied by professional guidance.

It is a strong and intense alcoholic beverage and comes in a variety of flavors, including apricot (barack), pear (körte), plum (szilva) and cherry (cseresznye).

gained international reputation when Edward, Prince of Wales, who renounced the throne for love, became a life-long fan of the drink following a 1936 visit to Hungary.

To date, every time a member of the British Royal Family visits Hungary, he or she is presented with a bottle of apricot pálinka.

During that time, commercially prepared eggnog is sold in grocery stores in these countries.

Eggnog is also homemade using milk, eggs, sugar and flavorings, and served with cinnamon or nutmeg.

an "eggnog latte" espresso drink) and tea, or to dessert foods such as egg-custard puddings.

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