Validating idenity


Consonance, in the context of marketing, is a unified message offered to consumers from all fronts of the organisation (Laurie & Mortimer, 2011).

In the context of corporate identity, consonance is the alignment of all touch points (Bailey, 2015).

It should also be noted that it is at this stage of integration that consumers interact with the organisation (Duncan and Moriarty, 1998 as cited in Laurie & Mortimer, 2011).

Moving forward, the last stage Duncan and Moriarty's Communication Based Model (as cited in Laurie and Mortimer, 2011) is stage three where message sources are at the corporate level of the organisation; these message sources include administration, manufacturing operations, marketing, finance, human resources and legal departments.

Every Apple touch point is communicating a unified message: From the advertising of the brand to the product packaging, the message sent to consumers is 'we are simple, sophisticated, fun and user friendly' (Marketing Minds, 2014).

Brand consonance solidifies corporate identity and encourages brand acceptance, on the grounds that when a consumer is exposed to a consistent message multiple times across the entirety of a brand, the message is easier to trust and the existence of the brand is easier to accept (Hoyer, Mac Innis & Pieters, 2012).

These guidelines govern how the identity is applied and usually include approved colour palettes, typefaces, page layouts, fonts, and others.

Corporate identity is the set of multi-sensory elements that marketers employ to communicate a visual statement about the brand to consumers (, n.d.).

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The stake holders concerned at this stage are consumers, local communities, media and interest groups (Duncan and Moriarty, 1998 as cited in Laurie & Mortimer, 2011).

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For example, Apple has strong brand consonance because at every point at which the consumer interacts with the brand, a consistent message is conveyed.

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