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from the Voyager 4.5 menu (on Mac OS X) or the Help menu (on Windows).

• In the dialog box that appears, under What to Update, check the Program Files box and un-check all other boxes.

A printed copy of the User Guide is included in every Voyager 4.5 retail box, and a PDF copy is included with the downloads above.

The Mac OS X version is a compressed CD-ROM image file.

Make sure you install the update in the same directory where you installed the original Voyager 4.5.

For example, if you installed Voyager 4.5 in C:\Program Files\Carina Software\Voyager 4.5, make sure you also install the update in C:\Program Files\Carina Software\Voyager 4.5.

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To do this, log out from Windows and log in again as an Administrator. If you are still having trouble, contact your system administrator for help.For further information on the GDPR, please head to the GDPR Hub Our cutting edge Comms Centre is where you’ll store all of your email and text templates.Communicate with candidates and clients in the most effective way at the most effective times, in just a couple of clicks.Then double-click the Voyager 4.5.7 Updater package icon inside the disk image, and follow the onscreen instructions.Make sure you install the update in the same folder where you installed the original Voyager 4.5.Check out the Getting Started pages in our Support section for a guided tour.

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