Updating app config 100 dating site with no charge

In our article, we are going to see how do we add, delete and update these kinds of settings that come under .

(I don't expect the wix to know how to merge them - but maybe it is possible to do it via Custom Action?

Thx for your fast answer Ok - sorry for the unclear description.

I didn't want to make it long - let's do it more descriptive: Here's the scenario (I'll use simplify pseudo code for the app.config): I have my application version 1.0.0 with app.config: Users gets the installer (1.0.1).

In the last article, we saw how to use the app.config file, its hierarchy, and priority in picking the application settings.

In this article, we will see updating the app.config file at runtime.

Settings; Key Value Configuration Element element = app_settings[txt Key.

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