Taboo sex


Many good archives exist, but the undisputed queen of them all can be found at the Alt. The rule is just as true for our beloved folk erotica as it would be for any other collection of amateur literature.If you’ve ever dipped into a large archive of fan fiction, you understand what it means for the Repository to operate without editors and gatekeepers.I want to find a good story about high school gloryholes and mistaken identities. is the author and proprietor of Eros, writing since 2002 about sex, porn, and the adult internet.And then I’ll get to work on writing my novel.” Seven hours later, you could find yourself browsing all bleary-eyed through a doujinshi tentacle-sexing story told from the point of view of the rapacious shape-shifting tentacle beast. In recent years he's become passionate about curating digital porn and about the challenges of stabilizing it in well-sourced collections.How do you find the good stuff (whatever that means to you) when it’s swimming in a vast ocean of other people’s “good stuff” that may strike as icky junk that squicks you out? Over the years, many people have put together their own archives and indices of their favorite stories, using whatever personal criteria worked for them.

As long as you stick to directories featuring stories that are to your taste, the erotica you’ll find in his folders will prove to have been well-selected.

You’ve just got to explore it for yourself; it’s not a territory that anybody else can adequately map out for you. Will it always be there for you and your sticky-pantsed crotch-rubbing?

Which leads to my one serious warning: you can get utterly in there. There’s not much recent news about the site’s status, and it looks as if the #pornocalypse has destroyed the site’s erstwhile ability to accept donations via Paypal or credit card (although they still accept donations by mail.) Currently the site is clearly suffering from some technical debt, with neither the search engine nor the Top 100 Stories list functioning at the time of this writing.

Her alphabetized categories range from Asian to Wife with many categories in between. Just dip into that category and choose from a lengthy list, with plenty of description to let you know what you’re getting into: Another longtime favorite collection of mine is Ol’ Joe’s Collection.

Ol’ Joe (whoever he is) doesn’t have all the curatorial you’ll find in the Kristen Archive; instead, his collection offers 17 plainly-named directories full of categorized stories.

You’ll find most of the stories to be well-written (by the standards that prevail in this realm), erotic, and highly functional as masturbatory reading.

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