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"[L]ack of support and interest" were the reasons reported in the February 2 edition of the Inquirer, leaving North End, Frankford and Tacony vying for the league championship.On February 22, North End traveled departed by rail from the Ninth and Green Street station to face the Nonpareils in Brooklyn.Their places were taken by Frankford, Tacony, Nicetown, Manayunk, and Oxford, thus bringing the total number of participating clubs to six, and the new season commenced on October 11, 1890.Several of the clubs that dropped out of the PAFU continued to make non-league appearances; presumably they lacked the funds to join the league or pay for travel expenses, or perhaps they simply did not have the players to continue.Occasionally, a team would fail to turn up for a match, as was the case when Frankford traveled to Tacony for a game on January 3, 1891 and found no team to play.Inquirer reports in December, 1890 celebrated the fact that for the first time, all of the teams that started the season remained in the league at the halfway point of the season and described growing crowds: "where the spectators formerly amounted to thirty or forty they may now be counted in by the hundreds" with "nearly 500 spectators" watching a match between North End and Tacony at Stenton on December 20, and "nearly 800″ attending a match between Trenton and Tacony on Christmas Day, 1890, one of six matches played that day.

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North End lost 5–2, although the Inquirer reported that the Nonpareils fielded a number of players from other clubs (namely, the Caledonians and Thistles) and "three of the five goals kicked [were] credited to outside players of the home team." Outside left Bobbie Barr scored both North End goals.

Maintaining Philadelphia’s first organized soccer league, the Pennsylvania Football Union, after its inaugural 1889-1890 season initially looked to be something of a shaky proposition.

Before the second season, inaugural champions Eddystone, as well as Philadelphia South End, Kensington Rovers, and the Shamrocks, all dropped out of the league, now referred to as the Pennsylvania Association Football Union (PAFU), leaving only Philadelphia North End from the founding roster of teams.

The two teams met again on July 4 in Trenton, but the result is not available.

In the 1889-90 American Cup, Trenton Potters made it as far as the semifinals, where they lost 5-1 to Kearney Rovers on January 18, 1890.

For North End, it would have been a rare Sunday game, and it was the first time a Philadelphia team had played in New York.

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