Relationship advice for dating single mothers


But appreciation hits different notes for men and women.

Typically, women want to feel adored and cherished above anything else in order to feel happy in a relationship. If a man doesn’t feel that, he will either leave the relationship or will stay in it and feel miserable.

It’s a concept that is drummed into our heads starting at the age of about two.

If you want more love from your man, you need to make him feel loved and the way to do this is to show genuine appreciation for the things he does. He’s not going to get it right every single time – that just isn’t possible.

But the majority of the time, his intentions are good.

All of us look at life through a lens that is colored by our own experiences and we form certain expectations as a result.

When you measure a guy against this code of expected behavior, he will always fall short and you will always feel disappointed.

When both partners see the good in one another and feel appreciative, the relationship is filled with love, connection, and harmony.

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