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When the 1st rolls around, check our regularly updated list of the service's movies and TV shows to see what's available.

And if you want to know what's coming later this year, bookmark our running 2018 calendar, which notes the premiere dates for all of Netflix's "Originals" as they're announced.

Wouldn't you be embarrassed if the plan you were paying for included HD or Ultra HD streaming, but you weren't even using it?

This is the case for many Netflixers, who neglect to check out their streaming settings -- just go to Toggle to make sure you're always set up for HD viewing by selecting "High." WARNING: If you have a bad habit of getting Netflixy outside of Wi-Fi zones, this will seriously destroy your data plan (HD videos use up 3-7GB of data per If you're a foreign-film buff, but don't own 30 versions of Rosetta Stone, you probably rely heavily on subtitles.

One of the biggest streaming obstacles is the necessity of a high-quality internet connection.

Late in 2016, Netflix changed everything by rolling out the ability to download movies and TV shows, which means you can take your queue with you without worrying about whether your flight's Wi-Fi will be up to snuff.

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Not all titles offer this feature, but you can view a list of the ones that do here.

But if you want to get even more specific, check out What's on Netflix.

It has a veritable encyclopedia of 20,000-plus weird, wild, and interesting sub-genres.

Not to worry -- you can selectively delete your history.

Head to this page, where you'll see everything you've watched in chronological order, and remove any and all of your misdeeds.

This will help you sort and filter available titles by rating, actor, director, and more.

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