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Among the three dual-channel dash cams we tested, the Mi Vue 480D’s front cam provided the best overall image quality, with sharp, 1296p resolution and a 140-degree field of view.Our daytime video clips had good color accuracy and a wide dynamic range, and we found that license plates and street signs were easier to read than in video from the other models.When you switch the On Dash N2 Pro to single-cam mode (using the front-facing camera only), it can record at a very sharp 1440p resolution, the highest in our group.Molly Mc Laughlin, who wrote the latest update for this guide, is a journalist who has been writing about consumer electronics and software for more than a dozen years.The rear cam has a resolution of 1080p and a 140-degree FOV that captures the entire car cabin, and you can rotate it vertically 80 degrees to get the correct angle.The Vantrue model’s good dynamic range lights up the car’s interior well during the day, and at night four infrared LED lights give you a good view of both the front and rear seats.She has contributed to PC Magazine, Lifewire, Deal News, and many others, and was a senior editor at Consumer Search, a reviews website.Throughout her career, she has reviewed numerous auto accessories, including dash cams, GPS devices, and navigation apps—literally driving in circles at times at the whim of a confused device or app.

If you want to record the view behind your car as well as in front, we recommend the Magellan Mi Vue 480D Dash Cam, which comes with separate front and rear cameras.She has also written about digital cameras and accessories and has dealt with her fair share of wonky video software.While testing dash cams for this guide, she captured all sorts of drama on the road, and realized that her neighborhood is chock-full of red-light cameras that don’t seem to be much of a deterrence.After spending more than 40 hours researching 150 dash cams, and driving more than 100 miles to test 12 of the most promising models, we recommend the Papago Go Safe 535 as the best dash cam for most drivers.Its video quality ranked among the best of the models we tested, plus it’s compact and easy to use.The Mi Vue 420 also includes an integrated GPS receiver, which records your car’s location and speed along with the video.

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