Milfhookup no credit card


The reason that dating sites scam people is not because they really want to rip you off but it's because there are simply not enough real legitimate horny women looking to hook up with men.Since online dating is a multi billion dollar industry many unscrupulous companies will go to the extent of lying and cheating you in order to make millions of dollars per year. Fraudulent dating sites use a number of deceptive business practices on unsuspecting consumers.The most popular dating scam is the creation and fabrication of fake female dating profiles.Dating sites such as Adult try to pass off these phony women as legitimate members of the service when they are not.Please click on this link to view the terms and conditions in full directly on the other side.Please go to section 14 under the "Online Emissary" feature and you will find all the evidence we have just detailed right there for you to read.This is because the most attractive women on the site are usually the ones that are the fake profiles.The site uses images of the most attractive women possible to grab your attention.

The longer they can keep you as a member of the site the more money they can make off you.

At one point this company that owns Adult enabled people to purchase legitimate memberships on their strings of dating sites.

However since our reviews of those previous site such as Fuck Booknet and XXXConnect they now have adopted a "free dating" model.

Once you try to communicate back to any members on the site you're asked to provide your credit card information to activate a "no cost lifetime membership" (see image below).

Unfortunately the free lifetime membership is actually not free at all.

After 2 days however the membership automatically renews at .97 and also automatically charges your credit card every single month until you cancel it.

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