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They like to challenge themselves, intellectually, with puzzles and games that test their growing knowledge or involve strategy (checkers, card games), and physically, with pick-up sticks, jacks, roller skates, pogo sticks, and ball games.

There are lots of other imaginative options than can broaden this group’s horizons, from craft sets for making jewelry and puppets to a microscope, nature-study kit, or a printing set.

As children struggle with these important tasks parents must be able to provide praise and encouragement for achievement but parents must also be able to allow them to sometimes experience the natural consequences for their behavior or provide logical consequences to help them learn from mistakes.

6-9 years The synaptic connections in motor and sensory areas are firmly established and the process of elimination synapses (pruning) in these areas has begun.

By this age their tastes and skills are pretty well defined, so targeting toy and entertainment purchases to likes and abilities of each child is important.

Toys and materials for play and learning for school-age children including action figures, building sets, games, sports and recreational equipment, video games, and books from Amazon.com: 5-7 year-0lds 8-13 year-olds 14 years & up STEM toys are handpicked by Amazon’s toy experts to excite young learners with hands-on experiments and explorations of electricity, earth science, and simple math.

When will equipped parents can be excellent coaches for their child no matter what the endeavor.

By Po Bronson, Ashley Merryman A best selling book based on sound child development research this book is “one of the most influential books about children ever published, Nurture Shock offers a revolutionary new perspective on children that upends a library’s worth of conventional wisdom.

You might also turn the passion for collecting that many children develop at this age into a special link between the two of you: for example, by adding a special doll or action figure or set of stamps.

9-14 years The maturation of the frontal lobe continues in adolescence. The Speed and efficiency of thought increases, spatial working memory improves, emotional regulation becomes greater, planning and problem solving skills increase, and scientific reasoning and ability to understand one’s own thinking develops.

It helps you discover the lagging developmental skills behind your child’s inability to cope and interact appropriately in different situations.

You will learn how to help them gain these skills while resolving conflict and solving mutual problems.

Watching them try new activities, cheering them on at athletic events and applauding their accomplishments at recitals are usually some of the high points for most parents.

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