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His fonts Mad Bubbles, Cat Basah Kental (paint drip face) and Lines Of Life were made with the help of Font Struct. Typefaces from 2015: DJB On The Spot, DJB The Generic, DJB Nouveau (beatnik typeface), DJB Nouveau Straight, DJB Monogram Font, DJB Ransom Note Clipped, DJB-Another-Mandy, DJB-Dear-Mr-Claus, DJB-Eggsellent-Wobbly, DJB-Eggsellent, DJB-Got-No-Time-For-That, DJB-Lemon-Head-Dots, DJB-Speak-the-Truth-Bold, DJB-Speak-the-Truth-Boldly, DJB The Generic Kinda Funky All Caps, DJB It's Our Choices, DJB Mr. 1996) of the textured typefaces I Have Bad News (2014, pixel font), This is Sparta (2014), Forbidden Resolution (2014) and Love Runs Out (2014), the ransom note typeface Windows Broken (2014), the hipster font Inmodify (2014), the dot matrix typefaces Syntax Zazz and 28 Sys (2014, Font Struct), the pixel typeface Our Arcade Games (2014), the textured typeface Screw Your Guys (2014), Uni Stay Own Now (2014), In Dude Woah (2014), and the scanbat typefaces The Martin Garrix Font (2014) and Super Mario Lost (2014). He created the slab serif typeface Sarajevo (2012), Icons Night Out (2012), the artsy art deco typeface Typometry (2012, Ten Dollar Fonts) and the information design typeface family Signalia (2012). Attitude (2013) is a 7-style semi-alchemic typeface family. [ Dhendiawan Dwiatma (Dhendi Poseidon) is a Solo-based Indonesian designer, b. Creator of Say Something (2009, counterless hand-printed display face), Cat Basah Kental (2009, paint drip font), zigzagzeg (2009, angular, as in an angry comic book style), Lines Of Life (2009), Balok-Balok (2009, 3d face), the paper cutout font Antidotes (2008) and the splashy Mad Bubbles (2008). The entire collection, mostly dated 1998: ALSScript (knock-off of Shelley Script Andante by Matthew Carter), Aberration, Angleterre Book, Aramis, Aramis Italic, Chancery Cursive, Dichotomy, Eddie, Enter Sansman Bold (heavy serious sans), Enter Sansman Bold Italic, FLWScript, Fanzine (ransom note face), Glass Houses, Gunmetal, ILSScript, Incite, Kells Uncial Bold, Kells Uncial Bold, LDSScript Italic, MICREncoding, Misbehavin', Nine Pin, Nobility Casual, Overmuch (fat rounded), Pinch Drunk, Protestant, Punch Drunk, Ramsey Foundational Bold, Rocket Propelled, SNCScript Italic (a knock-off of Nuptial Script), Shagadelic Bold (psychedelic), Spirit, Static Age Fine Tuning, Static Age Horizontal Hold (textured like a bad TV signal), Symbolix, Temps Nouveau, Title Wave, Type Wrong-Smudged-Bold, Vinyl Tile, Vulgar Display, Whimzee, Whiz Kid, alsscripttrial, bitwise (LED face), holyunion, overmuchtrial. Nick, DJB Color Me Chic, DJB Coffee Shoppe Buzzed, DJB A Bit of Flaire, DJB Sarah Prints, DJB Monkey Scratches (scratched, sketched typeface), DJB This Font Is Worn, DJB Vintage Find Stamped (with Jennifer Barrette), DJB This Font Is Bold, DJB This Font Is Stressed, DJB This Font Is Empty, DJB Werecow of Danville, DJB Geordie Girl, DJB Fancy Nancy, DJB Fizza Wizza Wowza, DJB What A Babe, DJB Chubby Muffins, DJB Rubia's Tiny Print, DJB Chicken Scratchez, DJB High Zombie, DJB Holly Enchanted, DJB Coffeeshoppeespresso, DJBHeather G, DJBZora Prints, DJB Belly Button Outtie, DJB Skritch Skratch, DJB It's Full of Stars, DJB It's Full of Dots, DJB Doodle E Doo, DJB Mess in My Head, DJB Miss Liz, DJB About A Boy, DJB This Moment, DJB Danielle 2.0, DJB Merry, DJB Belly Button-Innie, DJB I Love A Ginger, Hand Stitched, Hand Penned, Baby Bump, Rubia Tuesday, DJB Bailey, DJB Emphatic, DJB You make Me Blush, DJB Doodled Bits, DJB Hunky Chunk, DJB Bad Stamp Job 1 (2), DJB Chalk It Up, DJB In Such A Rush, DJB Sheldon's Girlfriend, DJB Uncertain Tense, DJB Holly Jolly B'Golly (a great poster typeface), DJB Lemon Head (hand-drawn), My Boyfriend's Handwriting, Sugar Shock. [ Jernej Simoncic (aka Diego Gonzalez, aka dafontatron, aka Vinesauce, and aks Edit Me From Casper) is the UK-based designer (b. [ Emil Kozole (Ljubljana, Slovenia) studied communication design at Central Saint Martins London.At Fountain, he published the original version of Capri in 2011. He published FF Innercity (ransom note face) at Fontfont. Around 2005 he went commercial, and now sells his work (over 350 fonts as of 2009) via My Fonts. Men (dingbats), Red Nose Day (dingbats), Honkus, Honkus Conkus (white on black alphading face), Comic Relief (scanbats), Kidnap Note, Joshua Dawson aged 4, Storyteller Medium, Ben's Aliens (dingbats), Blush Bear (alphadings). Typefaces made in 2012: Cowabunga, Want Some Candy (ransom note font), Save the Honeybee (alphadings), License Plate USA, Registration Plate UK, Sport Relief (dingbats), Rugrats, Only Fools And Horses, Burnt paper, Olympiad XXX, Alcatraz (grunge), Prometheus, Lego Brix, Silent Witness, Etaoin Shrdlu, Elektra Assassin (octagonal, explained this way: Elektra Natchios, usually referred to only by her first name Elektra is a kunoichi (female ninja assassin) of Greek descent. He is praised for some of the best grunge typefaces ever made. Typefaces from 2013: PK Captain (a wonderful rough army stencil), Burnout (grunge), Fake Smiths, Yo Lobi (hand-printed), Viperine (circle-based sans), Cyclope, Elephant, No Color (counterless), Out of Tune (sketched face), For Winter (speckled grunge font). In 2010, he founded Morganismi (in Finland's Sysmä), and created the children's hand Morganshand, the petroglyph font Rock Painting, the retro futuristic typeface 2010 Outta Space (2010), and the insult-inspired dingbat typeface 1Harsh Language. Typefaces from 2013: However (ransom note font), Alph Deco (art deco outline font), Seriffi Morgan (an antiqued roman typeface). In 2015, Morganismi published the hand-crafted typeface Nippon. [ Natasha Oi practices graphic design, infographics, and photography in Saint Petersburg, Russia. In 2011, she created an all-caps ransom note font for the brochure and invitations for the Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake. Creator of the original font Wound (1999), in which palm lines are combined with letters. He also made IX, IX Corroded (1999, both ransom note fonts), Syscraper 99 (1998), Too Damn Tall, Scratch Your Eyes Out (1998, oriental simulation face), and Digital Stabbing (1998). [ Nerfect Type Labs in Berwyn, IL, is the foundry of Britton Walters (b. Free fonts: Desmond (2003), Ausfahrt (dingbats), Bad Weekend (comic book font), Clint (2003), Cursed Mustache (2003), Clunky, Coffin Nails, Conspiracy (old typewriter font), Crap Magnet family (free at Chank's), Cursed Mustache, Demand (ransom font), Emma 65, G. Jerk, Goblin, Heavyweight, Hybrid, Joey, Kirok, Mental Junk Drawer (dingbats), Minibike, Mister Filthy, Mutant, Pixie (pixel font), Roadtrip, Sanford, Sex Shop, Skyland, Space Junk, Speed Demon, Stag Wart, Thug, Tricky Treat (2003). We closed the shop for a month every year and went on a type hunt, mostly in Europe where there didn't seem to be much competition among collectors.After Fountain's demise, it reappeared as Capri Pro at Floodfonts in 2015. [ Terrence Curran is a prolific grunge type designer who lets you download some of his creations and order other ones: Political Graft Lite, 711 Slurpie, Absurdly Complex Rad, Aerosol Menace, Basic Grunge, Batman Beat The Hell Outta Me, Basehead, Black Lipstick, Bridie, Mr. In 1997, he published the fun dingbat font Lunar Twits at T-26. He has branched out into several font styles, with a soft spot for stencil fonts, fonts for signage, art deco, and fonts for advertising. She wields a pair of bladed sai as her trademark this fan-font has been created to pay homage to Frank Miller's best-loved creations), Manic Depressive (multiline hand-printed face), Climaxed (shadow outline font), Thundercats Ho. His work includes All Used Up (2006), Ambulance Shotgun (2006, scratchy ink spill face), Anthology (2006), Astrodramatic (2009), Barber Shop (2006), Birth of a Hero (2007, grunge), Bleeding Cowboys (2007, grunge; published by Cheap Pro Fonts in 2010 commercially as Bleeding Cowboys Pro), Brand New Burn (2007, grunge), Broken Ghost (2006), Brown Bear Funk (2006), Chic Decay (2006), Epoxy History (2007), Extravaganza (2006), Final Lap (2006), G01 (2006), Hardcorium (2006), Hard Rock (2006), Inked God (2008, an a=ink splatter face; and its commercial bastard child, Inked God Pro by Cheap Pro Fonts, 2010), Laundromat 1967 (2006, ransom note face), Mohawk (2006), Moskito Screen (2006, great! Typefaces from 2014: Konstructa Humana Stencil, Crystal Lake, Caligula, Bad Caligula (grunge version). Pay fonts: Crunk, Go-Rilla, Kurtzberg, Monsterkit, Nerfect Cola, Outlaw, Muggler. Other typographers couldn't understand how we could do this, but I believe it made people appreciate the resource we offered even more. When I closed Solotype a couple of years ago, I got rid of about half the archive (because the fonts were dull, or already digitized, or for a variety of other reasons) leaving me with about 6,000 fonts on paper or film.The Orchidee project started in 1999 led to a fantastic free font. Calcium (handwriting), Complex Rad, Critter is Rad, Dancehall Superstar, Drug Problem, Fishnet Girl, Freeble, Future Man, Gankit, Giggapop, Goffick, Hale Bopp, Hash Smash, Hubba Piegon, Metro Pass, Mod Boss, Mod Freak, Ophake, Oscifer, Pantaloons, Political Graft, Ransom Threat, Rude Merker, Skydoor, Skydoor Conservative, Simple Rad, Skeemat, Stalker, Tin Omen, Mod Killiah, Mod Puffy, Rad Face Absurd, Rad Face Complex, Rad Face Simple, Rad Face Not Simple. Born in New York, his family moved to Florida in 1963, where he has been ever since. Typefaces from 2013: I am Sherlocked (grunge), Etaoin Shrdlu, Wizard's Magic (Harry Potter font), Alphabrix (pixelish), Golfabet, Skyfall Done (grungy caps). ), Mudshake83 (2006), Olympiques (2007, grunge), Retro Rock Poster (2006), Rock Show Whiplash (2007, grunge), Rough Linen (2006), Rusted Plastic (2006), Screamo (2006), Sidewalk (2006), Steak (2007, grunge), Stonedwash6 (2006), Supafly 36 (2006), Super Danger (2006), The Great Thunder (2008), The Maple Origins (2007), The Poison (2007, crime-themed grunge), The Quiet Scream (2007), The Last Soundtrack (2007, grunge), Throwback (2009, Font Struct), Trashed (2006; a Pro version appeared in 2010), Turbo Ripped (2006), Ultimate Midnight (2008), Unbreakable (2009), Undecapped Vinyl (2006, the Pro version is from 2011), Vinyl George (2006), Whiplash (2007, grunge), Yukon Gold (2006), Hardcorium (2011, a grungy blackletter). My sells some of their fonts: Stinky School Book, Creeps (2002, funny typefaces! ) for Latin and Thai that mix letterforms as in ransom notes. Creations in 2011: YWFT Dekko (YWFT Dekko is an icon, symbol and pattern style dingbat font created with the ability to execute multiple design ideas), YWFT S3 (advertised as San Diego-based designer (b. In 1974, I began to supply Dover Publications with mechanicals for books of 100 alphabets on a particular theme.Felix: Orchidee was created as a part of the business stationary of the restaurant Orchidee located in the luxory hotel Quellenhof in Aachen, Germany. Terrence also uses the name Te A Curran, and the site had various other names such as Te A Calcium and Xone Zero. The font list in 2012: 711 Slurpee, Aerosol Shadow, Aerosol Solid, Basehead, Basic Grunge, Batman Beat The Hell Outta Me, Black Lipstick, Bridie, Critter Is Rad, Dance Hall Superstar, Drug Problem, Fishnet Girl, Freeble, Future man, Gankit, Giggapop, Goffick, Hale Bopp, Hash Smash, Hubba Piegon, Merker, Metro Pass, Mod Boss, Mod Killiah, Mr. Typefaces from 2014: Christmas Jumper (textured), Bearfaced (alphadings), Mouse Trap, Danger Mouse, Minecraft PE. ), Ailene, Smuggler (2001), Crunk, Kurtzberg, Nerfect&Cola, Go-rilla, Outlaw, Class of 1964 (dingbats), Dingbatio, Mr. [ Graphic designer in Bangkok, and junior designer at YWFT. 1971) of the free fonts Halloween Too (2015: dripping blood font), Joe Caps Underwood (2015: an old typewriter font), Bad Pad Distressed (2013) and Social Icons (2013), and of the ransom note fonts Distressed Ransom Note (2013), Scary Halloween (a blood drip font) and Yet Another Ransom Note (2013). [ Creator of Misu Kim (2005), Earth Kid (2005, grunge), and the handwriting fonts Asian Guy (2005, oriental simulation face), Asian Girl (2008) and Alien Strawberry (2008, double strokes) and the ransom note typeface Black Casper (2009). I did 30 of these books over the years, and 30 more of printers' ornaments, borders, and so forth.Straights Light is a beautiful pair of bilined all caps typefaces. Hokkien (2012) is an art deco typeface with Chinese influences. In grunge, Concept is as good as they come, for example. CD ROM called "typografica" with high quality display fonts in Post Script. NE, Mpls, MN 55418), Chank Foo, Schmopyright, and Exploding (PO Box 90100, San Diego, CA 92169). Chank also has a bunch of free fonts such as Yellabelly (handwriting), Fridley, Airboy, Sunday Luck, Shadowboxer, Portastat, Fridayluck, Twenty Six Snake Rumba, and Blinkers. My Fonts link, opened in 2009, where one can buy 080203, 3 The Hard Way Overrun, 3 The Hard Way RMX, Adios Gringo, Depth Charge, FT Helsingfurt, FT Roundabout, FT Scandinavian Titan, FT Twisted Ontogenesis, Ice Cream Soda, Kings Garden, Kolari, Nihilist Philosophy, Old Note, Rock It, November Script, and Majestic Mishmash (ransom note caps), Digital Kauno (2002, upright script), 10.12, EB Vintage Future, Fenotype Dingbats, FT Forest, FT Funghis, FT Military Dingbats, FT Weapon of Choice, Motel Xenia, URAL, Valima.

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Commercial fonts at Fountain: Grimoire (since 2015 at Floodfonts), Sadness (2001). [ JLH Fonts (or: jhnri4) is the American creator of Making a list checking it twice (2012), Judges (2012, grungy), Janitor (2012), Remix (2012), Arrows (2012), Chalk Line Outline (2012), Pretzel (2012, art nouveau titling face), At Sign (2012), Portmanteau (2012), Seattle Avenue (2012), Sunflower Harvest (2012), Double Strike (2012: a hand-drawn blackboard bold typeface family), Sierra Nevada Road (2012), The Radical Sign (2012), The Jewish Bitmap (2012), The Inequality Grapher (2012), Thin Pencil Handwriting (2012), Marker Scribbles (2012), Grunge Handwriting (2012), Tally Mark (2012, prison wall counting), Gold Plated (2012), Overhaul (2012), Apex Lake (2012, ornamental caps), Halogen (2012, in the style of Comic Sans), Signs For Advertising (2012), and Hand Drawn Shapes (2012). The fonts were all made in 2010: Pauls3-DTribal, Pauls Blood Sweat&Tears, Pauls Celtic Font1, Pauls Celtic Font2, Pauls Celtic Font3, Pauls Circus Font (Lombardic), Pauls Esther Font (tattoo style), Pauls Fancy Script, Pauls Gothic Curls, Pauls Graffitti, Pauls Heartless Font, Pauls Illuminated Celtic Font, Pauls Kanji Font-Bold (oriental simulation), Pauls Poison Font-Italic, Pauls Ransom Note Font, Pauls Real Celtic Rune Font, Pauls SUPERFont, Pauls Sinner Font, Pauls South Pacific, Pauls Swirly Gothic Font, Pauls Whimsy Font, Paul's Bloody, Paul's Weight, Paul's California (a fun script). [ Dutch designer of the handwriting fonts Josschrift and Josschrift Serif (2005-2009), Dolly Dots (2009, dot matrix face), and the Western all caps billboard font Simson (2009). ), Halotique (sans serif), Tortillon (2001, art deco), Normographe (great too! Typefaces from 2015: Mari David, Good Friend (a primitive script), Galpon (a great vernacular signage and/or comic book typeface for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic), Smile Pro (a fat multi-style hand-crafted poster family of exceptional beauty; together with Andrey Kudryavtsev), Ardilla Small (a rounded organic sans by Rodrigo Araya and Andrey Kudryavtsev), Konga Pro (based on his own creamy script, Konga, from 2012), Mari & David (poster typeface), Forest Puyehue, Skatista (hand-crafted script and skateboard dingbats), Ruba Style, Janmeid, Forma (experimental, robotic), Australia Skate (vernacular type), Tobi Black (for comic books and children's books), Tobi Dirt, Basural (experimental). But in terms of opening up new markets for display type (and giving designers more control over type setting), Visual Graphics and Letraset lead the way.

They sold fonts at 10 to 20 USD a shot, but made them free starting in 2003, when they quit the font foundry business. In 2014, she made DJB Tweenybopper, DJB Holly Serif, DJB Chalk It Up, DJB Angel Baby, Upstairs at the Abbey (blackboard bold), Scruffy Angel, This Font Is Empty, All Cool Chicks, DJB Me and My Office, DJB Holly Serif, DJB Tweenybopper, DJB Angel Baby, DJB Holly Jolly, DJB All The Cool Chicks, DJB Doodle Beans, DJB Bad Stamp Job, DJB 2 Cute 4 U, DJB A Bit if Flaire, DJB I'm No Wizard, DJB Annalise The Bold, DJB This is my life, DJB This Font is Bold, DJB Holly Berry Wonderland, DJB Baby Bump, DJB Upstairs Downstairs, DJB Coffee Shoppe (Venti, Buzzed, Espresso), DJB Holly Enchanted, DJB Dear St.

In 2013, Darcy published the outline typeface Just an Outty (made together with Lauren Grier), the curly swirly DJB Swirl Me Around (made in conjunction with Shawna Clingerman), and the hand-printed DJB Boyfriend Jeans.

Bartleby (2012) is a hand-drawn all caps display font. In 2012, he created Salamander Script, Taiga (connected upright script), Mercury Script (a set of upright connected script typefaces), Slim Tony (a bubblegum retro signage face) and Mercury Ornaments. Seven (a successful brushy signage or baseball script), Alek and Alek Ornaments (an upright signage script), Voyage (a vintage script), Barracuda Script (brushy signage face), Bonbon (signage script), Bonbon Ornaments, Scaramouche (a playful connected script). In 2000 he founded the free-font site Floodfonts with Peter Hoffmann.

The free font foundry Squack has the hand-printed typefaces Barker Allcaps (2012), Scrapist (2012, sketched), Billy Boy (2011, 3d), Quito Chicken (2011, 3d), Fred Wild West (2011, a grungy western face), Coolock Black (2011), Zapftig (2011), Ringworm (2011), Suicide Draft (2011), National Granite (2011, a 3d stone chisel face), Whiskey Fingers (2010), Wank Hands (2010) and Middle Man (2010), and the irregular typefaces Zapftig (2011), Shock Corridor, Pollo Asado, Middle Woman, Ghost Words, Late Puberty, Parrannoyed (2010, ransom note face), the hairline typeface Rexic (2011), Black Grapes (2012), Chump (2012, hand-printed capitals), Areman OT (2012), and the grungy Skidmarks (2012). Typefaces from 2014: Larry (sturdy connected script), Silver (upright connected script), Powder Script, Peaches And Cream (creamy signage or baseball script), In and Out (a connected retro signage script), The Carpenter (a script family in the style of Mercury Script). After working for five years as an art director for Gaga-Design, Koblenz, he decided to set up his own graphic design studio in Cologne.

At URW , he published the Supernormale family (part techno, part pixel) in 2006. Megre (2010) is an exercise in unusual placements of serifs. She also made the irregularly shaped hand-printed alphabets Eyes Closed and No Rules in 2010. In 2013, she created the fuzzy hand-printed typeface Cack-handed. 1970, Scunthorpe] is the creator of a true children's font, Tallula Selby Willis Aged 4 (2011). [ Keven King (Kingthings) is the British designer (born in Kent in 1959, educated at the Graphic Design College in Exeter/Devon, and based in Exeter) of these fonts, many of which have Celtic influences. Faces from 2011: Monotaure, Shady Lane (3d, hand-printed), The Quick Monkey (ransom note face), Cool Hand PK, Figure Writing (Treefrog-style hand), Black Cobra (fat brush face), PK Cobra (chalk font). Fanboy (2004), Frank Knows (2004), Requiem (2004), The Battle Continuez (2004), Against Myself (2004), Scratched Car Paint (2004), Punk Kid (2003), All Rejects (2003), 80's-hero (2000), If (2000), Insert-your-name-here (2000), Metalheads (2000), Funky2, Go Ri Llaz-2 (2000), Punk-Kid (2000), Green Days (2002), Straight-Face (2002), se7en (2002), The Battle (2000), and Dwarves (2003). Fixed width fonts include Dactylographe, Oloron, Bordo, Norma. For his MA Thesis in 2015, he created the Anatoma typeface family (Anatoma Uncial, Anatoma Sans, Anatoma Runes, Anatoma Humanist, Anatoma Gothic, Anatoma Gothic Book, Anatoma Book, Anatoma Grotesk), and wrote: Anatoma, or the Anatomy of the British Character: A study of British type design through the creation of a sans-serif typeface which aims to unveil the letterforms that shape the national typographic identity. In 1962, I sent out 4,000 catalogs showing the type to ad agencies all over the U. The timing was perfect (no thanks to me) because there was developing at that time a renewed interest in the old types. The Solotype collection was one of four commercial collections at the time, but I seemed to have been more aggressive in marketing than the other chaps.

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