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On Instagram, Adarna shared a photo of her and Cruz frolicking in a beach in Bantayan island. " Cruz's last relationship was with Angelica Panganiban, which ended in 2016.

It wasn't just the two of them, however, as they were joined by Adarna's good friend, Kim Araneta.

The handmade warning signs have faded and the hordes of fellow militia members have long since gone, leaving behind only Gray and some relatives – he won't say how many – on the tree-shaded property along a river in rural Henderson County, about 50 miles southeast of Dallas.

God-fearing: The family are highly religious and shun modern technology, preferring to make their own holsters from animal hide.

Photos of the pair catching some sun and enjoying karaoke in Cebu started popping up on social media this Thursday, leading to more speculation as to whether they are dating.

The two also took to their own Instagram accounts to tease the return of the fourth series, with their character's head-shots.

Finn captioned his snap: 'I want to make real money.

We believe in an eye for an eye and a bullet for a bullet.'The family have been holed up in their patch of rural land in Trinidad, Texas, living a pre-20th-Century existence, since January 2000 – waiting for a siege which, in truth, has never really materialised.

Gray and his clan have been living on 47 acres behind a fence without running water and electricity but with plenty of guns, challenging authorities to arrest the patriarch for a third-degree felony warrant issued more than a decade ago.

Written in handy, bite-sized chunks with titles like “The Poverty of Consciousness”, it encompassed everything from Gray’s reflections on morality to his thoughts about al-Qaeda.

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