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He then said he panicked and thought he wouldn't be able to escape - worried the three men might overpower him and sexually assault him.

The alleged victim then quickly left the steam room, dressed and went to the front desk to report the incident, but said staff members didn't take any action.

I still love Polanski's films and Mel Gibson in his early films like Road Warrior and Year of Living Dangerously.Bohannon was wrong, that his religious rights should have been protected.”However, an advocacy group for gay and lesbian troops and veterans has expressed its dismay at the Air Force’s decision to exonerate Bohannon.“The purported argument that a leader is being discriminated against because we refuse to let them discriminate is both trite and detestable,” said Andy Blevins, director of law and policy for Out Serve-SLDN.“It has been continually affirmed that the right to religious freedom within our military ranks stops when it begins to diminish unit cohesion and morale.“In this instance,” he added, “that attenuation is very clear.”It seems like so many British actors are stage-trained thesps who went to RADA and can move from Shakespeare to big budget movies with ease.....surely they must have some bad actors over there, right?The institute is a self-described advocate for First Amendment religious protections.Berry said the First Liberty Institute takes no position on whether gay and lesbian service members have the right to be married.“The Air Force does not have the liberty to define new legal protections and this should certainly not constitute the grounds to punish airmen.”The Air Force should have granted Bohannon a religious accommodation because the certificate “effectively had zero impact to the military member and therefore no adverse impact on military readiness, unit cohesion, good order, discipline, or health and safety,” Hartzler wrote.

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