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" She fled from the chamber, upstairs to her guest bedroom. That was about sev­enty hours later, camped in the steeps where rangers dared not fare.She and Sherrinford had not said much to the Irons family after refusing repeated pleas to leave the forbid­den country alone.Regardless of how true that may be, I found him a useful model. Bunks were made up, side by side, and the humans lay in them. A burst of hailstones hit the tiles like knocking knuckles. " Sherrinford responded, more challenge than question.

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But I lack the carbon-dioxide tolerance necessary to live healthily down there. He raised some Terrestrial plants as well, by summerlight and in conservatories. The true conquest of northern Arc-tica lay in yerba hay, in bathyrhiza wood, in pericoup and glycophyllon and eventually, when the market had expanded with population and industry, in chalcan-themum for city florists and pelts of cage-bred rover for city furriers.Wherever the plumablanca grows, men may fare, if they leave mangoods on the altar boulders in payment for what they take out of the land.Elsewhere—" one fist clenched on a chair arm and went slack again—" 's not wise to go." "It's been done, hasn't it? And some came back all right, or so they claimed, though I've heard they were never lucky after­ward. And some who returned babbled of wonders and horrors, and stayed witlings the rest of their lives. More sharply than before, he felt himself a stranger.In the past he had had no incentive to study the folk­lore of the outway, and not much chance to read the scanty references on it since Barbro brought him her trouble.Yet more and more he was becoming convinced he must get an understanding—not an anthropological study; a feel from the inside out—of the relationship between Roland's frontiersmen and those beings which haunted them. " Clearly he too hoped thus to bleed off some of the tension. Sherrinford wondered, and added to himself: No; exorcism. The boy sang, to a melody which beat across the storm noise: "It was the ranger Arvid rode homeward through the hills among the shadow shiverleafs, along the chiming hills. "The night wind whispered around him with scent of brok and rue.Besides the added distance, I can't put a signal through to any airport before this current burst of solar interference has calmed down." Next "night" he broke out his remaining equipment and set it up. Her countenance recalled Aphrodite of Milos, whose pic­ture Barbro had often seen in the realms of men, save that the Queen's was more fair, and more majesty dwelt upon it and in the night-blue eyes.

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