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In that case find another friend and launch together. Its much more fun launching a group with several people than having to do all the work on your own.4) Target Your Initial Members Having powerful and influential friends as core members of the group is vital.Start a discussion using Facebook Notes and make your group the logical solution to a problem that people might face.Create the content for your group before you launch and tell people what you are doing.Groups are not just confined to a single location, they spill out all over the place.Like a crowded house party that ends up with lots of people milling about on the front lawn.Hand select the people who you want to be there and send them personal invitations. You need to choose people who are dynamic on Facebook or Twitter, people who are famous, people who have huge followings, people who have large networks and people who are already experts and leaders within your niche.Having these people as initial members instantly gives your group credibility.

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7) Include An Irresistible Offer Offer an incentive for people to join, give away a free ebook, mp3 recording or video straight away.It has to be compelling and dynamic and press peoples emotional hot buttons.For Ideas look at the groups that have grown to over 1000 members and compare the names to those that that are still stuck at around 150 members.6) Turn Your Group Launch Into An Event By turning your group launch into an event you automatically stand out and get noticed.Plan it the same way you would a big party, You want all your guests to arrive at the same time so that the dance floor is packed.Get a striking image and then use photo shop to add some text on top of the picture.

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