Emily procter who is she dating


Of course, having three children, aged nine, 13 and 16, does clip my wings a bit.And indeed, concern for them is another important factor in why I am not flinging myself at the first available man. ’ But no, I still have three months.” And while she’s not willing to reveal the baby’s sex — or the name the couple have chosen — Procter isn’t shy about admitting her sweet tooth is as strong as ever!

In my twenties it was all high drama, getting my heart broken and dating rotters.Being single in my fifties feels like I’ve finally got myself back.There is such a joy to being able to do whatever you want without permission.Make no mistake about it, Emily Procter — who’s expecting her first child with boyfriend Paul Bryan in December — isn’t seeing double. “The most common question I get is, ‘Are you having twins? I now shudder when I hear a woman say, “I’ll have to ask my husband.” I finally understand my Great Aunt Florence, who never married and lived alone in a cottage by the sea, happily collecting cat ornaments.

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