Dating in canada culture building confidence with dating

As the cherished image of many Canadians is of a tolerant society that is also more socially minded than that of the US, discussions of social classes, racial or other discrimination and private medical care are to be approached with care.Generalizations about Canadians can also raise sensitive issues of regionalism.For instance, when meeting someone for business, the conversation maybe confined to very safe and neutral topics.

Humour should be approached with caution in Canada, as in other places, because the sense of political correctness is very strong in many social circles.Men in particular are proud of Canadian beer and hockey, although women are increasingly a part of this sub-culture.Virtually all Canadians are eager to distinguish themselves from Americans.Good topics of conversation are: work, studies, the weather (a good opener), one’s house, vacations, sports (especially hockey, American football, baseball, water sports and, increasingly, soccer/football) and other leisure activities.Generally, Canadians are not comfortable talking about salaries or personal finances and tend to steer away from discussing emotions.I would not recommend overly criticizing the US, however.

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