Dating a finnish


On a certain level, I am a bit of an introvert, shy, and sometimes enjoy a certain personal distance and being independent.

One of my friends told me that I am more like a Finnish man (though I am a woman).

I even asked my Finnish boyfriend once, do you feel as though you are dating another Finnish guy? Of course, I am joking a bit here, but Finnish folk are customarily pure and sincere.

I also prefer being honest, straightforward, and punctual.

Finnish-accented English is a unique 'language' indeed! Positive sign II: I like mämmi [rye pudding], salmiakki [salted liquorice], and mustamakkara [blood sausage]...

but sorry I don’t drink olut [beer] or Kosksenkorva [Finnish liquor similar to vodka].

While enjoying my life, I am able to describe and share certain impressions and experiences that I have had. When I have mentioned it to my Finnish friends, they have never rejected the idea.

The articles: Foreword PART 1: Defining digital youth work PDF: Digital youth work – a Finnish perspective e-reader: epub and Kindle Editors: Juha Kiviniemi & Suvi Tuominen Pages: 172 ISBN: 978-951-9245-40-9 (print), 978-951-9245-41-6 (electronic) Year published: 2017 You can submit an order for the printed version of this publication here – it’s free!

Sometimes superstition can’t fully convince me; however, certain little coincidences can lead one’s life path in an entirely different direction. Or even a power that people cannot themselves control? Anyway, let us just have a positive attitude and go with the flow of life and time! Once upon a time during my childhood, I had a dream that left a certain vague impression that I can barely recall: red wooden houses with heavy snow – a typical natural Finnish winter environment?!

And squirrels visit me on my balcony sometimes in the freezing winter.

Or why not travel to Lapland to see moose and reindeer? Additionally, traveling inside Finland is also a good idea, to collect different tourist experiences. With a positive attitudel – I look forward to living here still in the near the future, always with a positive outlook and hope.

My friend traveling from the UK to the city where I live has confirmed this.

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