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Our relationship wasn’t a means to an end but an end in itself, and viewing it as such allowed me to see it for the gift it was, when it ended.

In the months after my whirlwind romance came to a close, I've continued to find freedom and peace in saying yes—to dates, to invitations, to volunteer opportunities, and most recently, to giving dating apps another try. This time I’m not relying on apps but using them to supplement the life I’m already living.

To be honest, I used to recoil from that statement.

I was adamantly, viscerally, even violently opposed to it.

My decision to date that Lyft guy and our subsequent brief but beautiful romance was like a flashing neon sign from the universe that I was finally doing something right.

For once, I didn’t see this relationship as that hopeful missing piece in my life.

When you've silenced self doubt and fears, you crush self limiting beliefs and create the life you've always dreamed of! I have troubles putting how I feel into words, but the best way that I can put it is that I just feel like a happier person. It's crazy how much people go through the motions every day and with this training, I've realized how in a trance everybody you meet in day to day life are." "WOW! I stopped about half way through because I had so much going on at the time, I just didn't have the time to put into the program but, I picked back up from the beginning and finished!

"The Six Week Double Your Confidence Challenge has been absolutely incredible! So, first let me congratulate you on making such a remarkable program, the methods you put into the program are pure GENIUS! Proven and unique techniques that work quickly and can be implemented in your day to day life.

So I took action and radically changed the way I date.

Sure, I’m dating—but I know that I am whole as I am.

I no longer see dating as way to fill a void but rather a way to meet men—open to the possibility of romance but not stuck on it.

We exchanged pleasantries, discovered common interests, and at the end of the ride, he handed me his business card and asked me to email him.

Over the next several months, we exchanged texts, met for drinks, spent hours laughing and lounging on the beach, and fell into a whirlwind romance made simultaneously sweet and bitter by his impending yearlong trip around the world spanning from Africa to Southeast Asia and beyond.

More accurately, I radically changed the way I live my life.

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