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Now coming back to randip, over the last few weeks, randip and I hadbeen flirting a bit – there were some innocent hugs and pecks on thecheeks but nothing more.We had seen each other a lot at the lakesideboat house in bathing suits and a couple of times accidentallypartially nude.The night ended and we parted as friendsdue with a warm hug.Both of us however from that point on seemed to join a tighter bondwith each other and there was a sexual tension that had never beenthere before.We talked about a bunch of very personal thingsthat surprised my husband.Things like whether we liked oral sex,whether I swallowed, even whether I had vaginal orgasms.This closeness through thedays between us had been on a very innocent level and randip hasalways been a gentleman.

A few weeks later we accidentally met at the mall, one of gurgaon'slargest malls.

As I sat down, I didn't realize it at the time but randip was sittingdirectly across from me.

As I tried on a couple of pairs I realized hewas gazing at my legs as they parted.

He usedto get a thrill out of it and had bought me so many cloths whichexposed my body. I remember on our honey moon in goahe made me sleep in just a bra and a panty when the waiter came todeliver us tea.

He bought me sexy saree's with deep back and low neckblouses which did not cover much of my boobs. And on one occasion I was topless on a beach with ayoung boy passed by.

We talkedabout sexy lingerie, and then the killer when I said my "husband and Idon't have nearly enough sex!

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