Big island dating

My aunt and I had a condo that was great, but if we had stayed in a smaller, local place I think we would have been better off. At the end of the road is the steep road down to Waipio Valley.Then you can ask the locals what to do and get a REAL feel for the island. Hilo is the ‘big’ city, the rainy side and has mostly locals living there. 4WD is required by law not for climbing back up but for the braking abilities for the steep decent down. At the bottom is the famous waterfall, Hiilawe, written about in one of the most popular Hawaiian songs of the same name.My girlfriend goes yearly, has family still there ,so I should be getting the insider view.Linda I only spent one night on the island of Hawai'i before heading to Maui, but I did enjoy Waikiki Beach and the Pearl Harbor Memorial.Thanks as always...seems the more I write about it, the more everything makes sense!Hi Surfer I am going to Hawaii in 2 days for the very first time! Will be gone for 2 weeks, but will check in if I have tips upon return.

Hi everyone, I've finally saved up enough to take my #1 bucket list vacation to Hawaii! go to Two Step to snorkle and literally enter the ocean via the 2 steps or urchins will ruin your feet.. have fun, blessings warmly Mona Thanks Mona and Adventuresome!I got the tourist-y trip out of the way, but the next time around I want to experience more of the real Hawaii! It’s not unusual for me to be at the Longs Drug Store and be the only caucasion. It’s a double waterfall that comes off the mountain through the gigantic valley and flows out to the ocean through taro patches. If you don’t want to make the trip down it’s worth it to at least go to the summit and check out the valley and beach below.The whole valley has been used for nothing but farming for thousands of years. Back on the highway and another 45 minutes is the paniolo town of Kamuela also known as Waimea. Huge statue of King Kamehameha in the center of the town named Hawi.Waikoloa town has a shopping center and 3 major hotels on the water.Here is one of the largest fields of ancient petroglyphs in the world. Back on the highway it’s another 45 minutes to Kailua – Kona, the main tourist town.In Kona they might be gearing up for the triathlon this time of year, a major event for the whole town.

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